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Skills acquired Goes beyond

event management

Hi Ms Lim, thanks for being the best mentor one could ever ask for. Without your love, guidance, patience and support, I doubt I would be who I am today. Though I am no longer pursuing the events route, I’m thankful for all you have done. You have taught me to be responsible, reliable and credible. It’s been almost 3 to 4 years since I’ve graduated, glad that we still keep in touch. Just wanna let you know that you’re da best and keep pursuing in what you believe in!

Felicia Tan

Relationship Manager, DBS Bank

As I look back in my time in polytechnic, I can only be thankful for how I made the decision to join the event management interest group. This experience guided by you throughout my time has taught me how to balance creativity with practicality when I am doing design and how to be a good event planner. Thank you... for your scolding... and I’m sure it has shaped me into a better, more responsible person.

Gordon Kwok

National Serviceman

To our dearest "mummy", you have been such a constant in our lives. Always being there to be our reminders and our constant motivations to do a lot better because we want to avoid your scolding. Little do you know, we are forever thankful for all those scoldings as it moulds us to be better event planners and better people in general. Thank you for all your patience Ms Lim, we truly appreciate it.

Shahidatul Arfah

Air Stewardess, Singapore Airlines

If I did not have you as my advisor, my life would be incredibly different. You opened my eyes to what I could be and do, in a way I never thought possible. You nurture me to become a better student and leader. I wouldn't have gone this far without your beliefs in me. We may not be the best but I believe being the best isn't the most critical factor you want out from us, but to become more disciplined and independent, and you have done it! You are not only a great advisor but a dedicated teacher. Your encouragement and persistence has taught me that to get to the top, it's all down to me. Thank you Ms Lim!


Chan Mingyang

National Serviceman

During my one year term in the event management interest group, Ms Lim will constantly pushed me to do better, and challenged me to consider all angles when approaching a problem. Despite our age and lack of experience, she entrust me and my peers with huge responsibilities when managing an event. She gave us the space to learn and make mistakes as she believes that learning can only be achieved through mistakes. What Ms Lim has imparted goes beyond event management. The discipline and independence that I acquired were life skills that are critical in helping me survive my internship .


Christine Jeremiah

Undergraduate, Singapore Institute of Technology